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Making faces


So, lately I’ve been noticing a bit on an on slot of faces – just faces – showing up in street art. Most of these are from my neighborhood (Bushwick), but our little blue “Beau” is from the West Village. The (err?) stenciled on brick I’m pretty sure has been there for a good while, but the others are recent. The one of the coffee bag popped up at my local coffee haunt just as I was pondering doing a face post. I think their mostly hand scrawled look is interesting, and am curious about the sudden-ish little appearance. I like how they kind of gives a personality to these otherwise inanimate objects. You can almost turn them in characters, and imagine them suddenly springing into animated life and start speaking to you.

And while these aren’t “faces”, they seem to be have suddenly shown up in my ‘hood. Saw these two in one day, and one in the subway yesterday though I didn’t have time to grab a shot. I think their scribbly monsterlyness is kind of adorable. Especially here in industrial sorts of Bushwick.

Has anybody else been seeing faces or monsters locally?

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