What does your music smell like?


Love this short film by Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey Terri Timely entitled (and inspired by) Synesthesia, that fascinating condition that makes you experience your senses in interesting ways. It also jives with that fabulous little everything is everything piece/concept I wrote a few months ago. Art = science; music = color, etc. The video is an interesting visualization of the different ways you experience and process things. You don’t have to (officially) have synesthesia to “get it”, really.

I’m thinking of how the woman is cutting up the words/recipe and baking it; to me, it calls to mind one of the many reasons people enjoy cooking so much (beyond the food=good part): the passing down and sharing of recipes among family and friends. The stories that go into and come out of the meals we share together. In terms of the food eliciting different sounds as the boy plugs into them? Well, every ingredient has a flavor and texture to it, and each adds to a dish much like all the many different notes mix together to form a song. Music, scent, and food dig such deep niches into ourselves and our psyche. Hear a song, smell a perfume and you can instantly be taken back to a moment. Maybe you hear a certain song, and it transports you back to a vacation when you were young. Through the song you’re back on the beach, you can almost smell that salty air and feel the wind rushing passed you, the sand on your feet. You hear that song and you see the blue of the ocean, and the blue of sky, etc.

It’s all connected really. I’m sure if you think about it, you can rustle up some of your own examples of the many different and visceral ways we experience the world in a way that veers off the textbook.

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